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We at 360DT are rapidly climbing the rungs of ladder of success by our skilled consulting services in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Data Analytics.

Founded in 2016, we are a small yet powerful team of professionals working collectively towards achieving common goal of client satisfaction and delight. We specialize in providing services to handle and manage your data with our logical and statistical approach duly backed up with technological support resulting in reduced chances of arriving at complex risks in your business.


We partner with you to deliver effective, highly scalable, best-optimised data-driven applications thereby reducing the risk, implementation time and cost. Our team of specialized experts partner with you to design proof-of-concept prototypes in latest technologies as Big Data technologies, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, DevOps, IoT and more importantly using the Agile methodology. On successful validation of the prototype, we help you to scale and deploy your solution to a production-grade implementation. To understand how we can partner with you, contact us.


Customer Analytics

Customer Profiles & Segmentation, Customer Churn, Cross Sell & Upsell, Market Basket Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and much more

Social Media and Text Analytics

Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis, Lead Generation,Social Platforms Extraction like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. and Natural Language Processing

Fraud and Risk

Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk Management, Retail Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Banking Fraud, Supply Chain and Forecasting

Marketing Analytics

Customer Profiles & Segmentation, Personalization, Market Mix Modeling, Campaign Performance and Attribution, Marketing Investment Optimization


Interactive Visualizations, Dashboards and BI Applications, Infographics, Geovisualizations and UI/UX Design

Internet of Things

Smart Cites, Smart Water, Predictive Maintenance, Manufacturing, E- Health, Oil and Gas, Smart Transportation, Smart Environment and Agriculture