No More Proxy

No More Proxy is an Artificial Intelligence based attendance marking system. Here user can mark their attendance by capturing their photo aka selfie. No More Proxy, as the name suggest this application will not allow any other user to mark proxy attendance for some other user. This application is way too user friendly for users. You just have to click a selfie and that's it, our machine learning model does the rest. Admin will get access to interactive dashboard where he can get full reporting of users with various charts

360 Live Track

This project includes the merging of different domains of computer engineering like software development, gps, app development etc. The business problem of our client was that they needed to track their vehicle or shipments through mobile app and they needed an admin panel to manage their devices and shipments. So we designed a GPS enabled device which gives the user control over their vehicles.

360 Deep Vision

Deep Vision is an Artificial Intelligence-based Attendance System. It captures the face of every person visible by web camera and will mark their attendance automatically. This solution comes with an integrated dashboard and reporting system which can be customized manually. This enables enhanced security on any organization by which they can detect their employees as well as any unknown person. This solution overcomes the challenges faced by biometric systems.

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