Promoting the use of Public Transport

360DT encourages the use of public transport such as Metro and Buses over using their own vehicles or using a cab. Taking public transport instead of their own vehicles helps us in reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions as a community. It also saves money and reduces air pollution.

Reducing the amount of paper used

We at 360DT make sure that paper usage is kept at a minimum. We also make sure to encourage our employees to volunteer and plant trees and help make the earth greener.

Cyber Security and Awareness

360DT tries its best to spread awareness about cyber security. We communicate the various cyber threats and teach people how to tackle and avoid these threats.

Conducting Seminars, Classes

We conduct free seminars and classes in schools and colleges to create awareness about technology. We educate young minds about the latest trends and patterns in the world nowadays.

Offering scholarships

We offer scholarships to meritorious students. This is our way of encouraging people to join into our cause making technology accessible to as much people possible.