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Course Features

  • Skill level Beginner
  • Duration 3 Months
  • Projects Yes
  • Theory To Practical Ratio 30 : 70
  • Assessments Yes
  • Quizzes Yes
Aden Hezard

Ast. Professior

Course Details

The course aims to train participants to become familiar with data science and machine learning. It contains all the majorly used algorithms along with a lot of practical exercises & end-to-end data science implementations. The course starts with Python and also covers Statistics and Mathematics fundamentals used in Machine Learning.

Language: Python or R.
Theory: Basic Mathematical Concepts.
  • At the end of the course, you should be able to :

  • Gain a deep insight about the concept of Data Science
  • Apply Statistics & Algebra concepts in Machine Learning
  • Use & Apply the fundamental algorithms of Machine Learning for business use cases