About Scala – 

Scala is a general-purpose programming language. It supports object-oriented, functional and imperative programming approaches. Because of its features, it is the implementation language of many important frameworks, including Apache Spark, Kafka, and Akka.

Why learn Scala

Scala is in demand these days and with the intent of Big Data and functional programming paradigm, Scala is the language to choose.

It is a more concise language that utilizes simple, easy-to-read syntax, and requires just a fraction of the lines of code when compared to a typical Java program.

There are better job opportunities for a Scala developer as compared to other Java or FP based programming languages.

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Who should take this course

Software developers and testers
Professionals aspiring for a career in the field of real-time big data analytics

Prerequisite of this Course

One should know the Java Syntax or any programming Language Like Python or C++.
Well versed with the usage of any IDE tool like Eclipse or SBT etc.

About the Instructor

The Instructor is a Lightbend Certified Scala Developer and has been working in this technology from past few years.

Course Objectives

1 Introduction to Scala
2 Scala Syntax with REPL features
3 OOPS Concepts within Scala
4 Collections, Loops, Functions, Inheritance etc
5 Pattern Matching
6 Extractors and Parameterization with Abstract Members
7 Basics of Akka – Actors with their lifecycle
8 About Play framework

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Course Curriculum

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