Internet of Things

About Internet of Things – 

By 2020, Gartner estimates there will be 25 Billion of these smart devices, transmitting tiny amounts of data to us, to the cloud and to each other. These devices would power smart cars, smoke detectors, door locks, industrial robots, streetlights, heart monitors, trains, wind turbines, even tennis racquets and toasters.
This workshop by Nitin Sharma will explain what it takes to build an enterprise or consumer ready IOT solution and why you need to learn this technology today.

This workshop will cover

The opportunities and boom in the area of Internet of things (IOT).
Understanding of available tools (Hardware/Software) in the market to build an Internet of Things Solution.
Learn in depth with hands on experience on at least one IOT board and IDE.
Learn to use most popular sensors and actuators with the IOT controllers.
Visualizing and process IOT data on the cloud to bring meaningful insights.

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Who should take this course 

You are looking to learn how to implement Internet of Things Solutions and you are completely new to hardware programming. You want to pivot your career towards the design and development of Internet of Things enabled products.You are an entrepreneur, innovator or member of a DIY community.

Prerequisite of this Course

Basic understanding of any programming language (C, NodeJs, Java etc).
Basic understanding of HTTP protocol and Web Services.
Basic understanding of Linux systems would be helpful.
For hands on hardware would also be required.

About the trainer

Nitin Sharma has 10 years of entrepreneurial, product management and consulting experience in reputed firms such as Snapdeal, Sun Life Financial. He has filed patents (pending examination). In the field of IOT (Internet of things) and has been running his startup GoYaNo successfully. From past 2 years, he is an also an active contributor to the open source Arduino community.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Internet of Things : Need in today’s context.
Module 2: Internet of things value chain.
Module 3: IOT development kits overview (Arduino, Raspberry).
Module 5: Understanding in depth the Arduino board (I/O, Architecture etc).
Module 6: Overview of most popular IOT sensors available in the market.
Module 7: Understanding the Arduino IDE.
Module 8: First simple blink program to make blinking traffic lights with Arduino.
Module 9: Code example to interface Temperature & Humidity Digital sensors with Arduino and read data .
Module 10: Code example to interface Gas analog sensors with Arduino and read data.
Module 11: Pushing your data to cloud over serial bus through a computer using NodeJS.
Module 12: Visualize cloud data on dashboards.
Module 13: Interface Arduino to GSM/Wifi modules.
Module 14: Pushing data to cloud over serial connection through GSM cellular board and Sim card.
Module 15: Using actuators with Arduino board.
Module 16: Applications of the course learning in Smart Home Solutions, Logistics, Agriculture, Financial Services.
Module 17: How to write your own custom Arduino library and submit to Arduino community.

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Course Curriculum

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