About Docker – 

Docker is an open-source tool that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers and used by developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Consisting of Docker Engine, a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows, Docker enables apps to be quickly assembled from components and eliminates the friction between development, QA, and production environments.
As a result, IT can ship faster and run the same app, unchanged, on laptops, data centre VMs, and any cloud.

Why learn Docker

Docker has nowadays become an integral part of the DevOps Ecosystem and is being used extensively by a lot of companies to do their IT development, automating their pipeline’s and also in Disaster recovery strategy. There is a lot of demand for Docker experts in this digital arena and this course can certainly help you gain and uplift your career progression.

This is a hands-on course and participants will acquire skills to run containers on Docker Platform, Building Images, setup various networks, manage a cluster of containers, host private registry and set up a Continuous Integration.

Who should take this course

This course is designed for web developers, system admins, application developers.

About the Instructor

The instructor is a DevOps Practitioner and is well versed with Docker.

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Course Objectives –

1. Introduction : Containerization

2. Docker: Basic Concepts

  • History of Docker
  • Docker Architecture
  • Containers
  • Images
  • Virtual Machine’s vs Containers

3. Docker CLI

  • Docker CLI in context of Containers
  • Docker CLI in context of Images

4. Docker File

  • Introduction
  • Explore Docker File
  • Docker File Instruction Sets

5. Docker Compose

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Compose File
  • Command Line


  • Introduction

7. Networking

  • Introduction
  • Docker Networks

8. Private Registry

  • Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Components

9. Orchestration Tool : Swarm

  • Introduction
  • Concepts

10. Docker Private Registry
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