Apache Kafka

About Kafka – 

Apache Kafka is an open-source stream processing platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation written in Scala and Java.It provides a unified, high-throughput,low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds. Its storage layer is essentially a “massively scalable pub/sub message queue architected as a distributed transaction log, making it highly valuable for enterprise infrastructures to process streaming data.Additionally, Kafka connects to external systems (for data import/export) via Kafka Connect and provides Kafka Streams, a Java stream processing library. The design is heavily influenced by transaction logs.It integrates very well with Apache Storm and Spark for real-time streaming data analysis.The program is focussed on Data Ingestion using Kafka. This program covers Kafka Fundamentals, Architecture, Development,Administration, Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams.

Why learn Kafka

Kafka is on the top framework used now a days for building real time streaming data pipelines. With its distributed publish-subscribe messaging system and robust queue to handle volume of data, its being used extensively in enterprises therefore has great demand in market.

Who should take this course

Developers, System administrators, Technical Architects, and more importantly Big Data Enthusiast.

About the Instructor

Qualified Technical Architect who has worked on enterprise architectures and has a strong practical experience with Pub-Sub framework’s and especially with Kafka.


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Course Objectives –

1. Introduction to Apache Kafka

  • Kafka Overview
  • Salient Features of Kafka
  • Kafka Use cases
  • Comparing Kafka with other Key tools

2. Kafka Fundamentals

  • Logical Architecture of Kafka
  • Physical Architecture of Kafka
  • Roles and Responsibilities of various components
  • Key Terminologies

3. Kafka Integrations

  • End to End Data Pipeline using Kafka
  • Kafka Connect
  • Hands-on Exercise

4. Kafka API

  • Overview
  • Producer API
  • Consumer API
  • Hands-on Exercises

5.Kafka Administration

  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Key Configurations
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Hands-on Exercises

6.Kafka Streams

  • Overview
  • Kafka Streams
  • Integrating Kafka with Spark Streaming
  • Hands-on Exercise

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